Autumnal Seed of Intention: Reflecting on My Creative Direction

Perhaps the most important seed of intention I will plant this autumn, my final seed of intention for the impending season of fall involves musing over my creative identity and on which direction is best to allow my creativity to bloom into this world. That was an aspect behind my original intention behind starting Bloom […]

September Started…

… in a way I did not anticipate. The last two days of August my throat felt a bit sore and irritated. I attributed my throat irritation to the bits of haze that were in air deteriorating the air quality a bit, as my throat felt much better while I was inside. Then on the […]

Books I Read in August

The last full month of summer was full of wonderful reads (mostly read outside in the gleams of warm August sunshine) that gave me hope for autumn’s ever advancing arrival. Here are the books that I enjoyed this month. The Marriage Of Opposites: Alice Hoffman writes a compelling novel that centers around the lives of […]

Autumnal Seed Of Intention: Travel

Late last week, I was blessed with the rather sudden and spontaneous opportunity to take a day trip where I had fun exploring a vibrant downtown area and picnicking for lunch at lakeside at a lovely park. This day trip reminded me that despite outward energy travel requires, I almost always (unless traveling with people […]


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